The NFT Use Case for Billion Token (BLL)

Although already in existence for some years, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have moved away from being just one of the latest decentralized finance gimmicks to representing an established technology with real value for individuals, business and society. This development has not just been fueled by crypto-enthusiasts, but rather by established firms and brands in the fields of art, entertainment, marketing and luxury.

Major brands like Gucci, Dolce & Gabana, Burberry, Louis Vuitton or Sotheby’s have entered the NFT space showcasing the many use cases of NFTs in real world contexts. They also revealed that luxury consumers and art collectors place high monetary value on such unique digital goods as the overall market grew to over 2 Billion USD already in the first quarter of 2021. However, these luxury brands typically do not have the digital readiness required to implement NFT concepts, requiring them to partner with lesser known technology providers or existing DeFi platforms.

As a digitally native luxury brand, Billion Token (BLL) perfectly complements and differentiates from existing brands. Unlike traditional luxury brands, Billion Token is a purely digital player that can take direct and full advantage of blockchain and web technology without the limitations of more traditional brands. BLL is guided by highly experienced full-stack and blockchain software engineers (devs) that implement the tech of and around the token. Moreover, the Billion Token community of over 1,000 holders is highly tech savvy and provides an important digital marketing asset for the brand. Therefore, BLL is perfectly equipped to provide significant value to the luxury markets and decentralized finance. Using NFT-related technology, value will be created to BLL holders and consumers in three major ways including native digital art, luxury, and fashion NFTs, novel staking system providing high interest to BLL investors, and co-ownership of BLL NFTs.

All three NFT-related use cases will benefit BLL in two major ways. They support the branding, helping to build the digital luxury brand, at the same time they support the token value of BLL by providing additional sources of passive income (besides yield farming) and ownership of digital goods.

These different elements of the NFT use case will be implemented and rolled out over the next months as part of a longer term plan that includes applying for official regulation with Swiss authorities (FINMA). However, we will take action to implement the first steps in the near term, such as offering first native digital art, luxury and fashion.

In sum, bear in mind that this only represents our ideal roadmap for BLL and a plan that involves significant technological and regulatory risks. This is not financial advice an you should not tie the value of BLL to our speculative ideas. Always do your own research and invest carefully.

Yours sincerely, The Billion Token (BLL) Developers

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